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2nd International Workshop on Durability and Sustainability of Concrete Structures

The purpose of this International Workshop is to present and discuss the most innovative developments and researches on durability and sustainability of concrete construction.

The workshop is organized by the American Concrete Institute Italy Chapter (ACI IC) and the Russian Engineering Academy (REA) with the assistance of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science (RAACS) . The Workshop is co-sponsored by American Concrete Institute (ACI) and its Committees: C130 (Sustainability of Concrete), C201 (Durability of Concrete), C446 (Fracture Mechanics of Concrete - Joint ACI/ASCE), C544 (Fiber Reinforced Concrete), C549 (Thin Reinforced Cementitious Products and Ferrocement).
The workshop is also co-sponsored by the Federation for Structural Concrete (fib) and the International union of laboratories and experts in construction materials, systems and structures (RILEM).

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